Apple Iphone 3gs 16gb White Unlocked

Apple iphone 3gs 16gb white unlockedApple iphone 3gs 16gb white unlockedSince I not very technical with cell phones, I was a little skeptical to get this phone even after my son told me I could handle it. NO SORRIES! You can choose from dozens of offers between brand new, used and repaired phones so it not hard to find the one that suits your budget. Any exceptions from the condition of the item outside the manufacturer information shall be stated in the listing, including warranty details. For example, you can buy used or refurbished phones, which are often cheaper than brand new models, or use a phone you already own in your network. Infographic Design Software. Join me DHgate My Orders My Reviews My Coupons My Favorites Send Request Let Help You Find What You Need Favorites 0 Cart loads View more images (0 Items). Can Republic Wireless Phones Be Unlocked.