How To Unlock A Htc Phone Forgot Password

How to unlock a htc phone forgot passwordI have forgotten that my email and password on my Android phone said to unlock your phone in the Goole account but I forgot to forget the email and password ht password of the HTC phone Tecno p 3 has been locked and I need to enter e-mail and password to unlock, but I forgotten everything (email and password, what can I do. Dstep: Go to data folder, then select system folders and find the Gesture keys if it is locked with your password, press the file for a long time and select Delete. Delete the restore mode in your device by turning it off and following a specific key combination (this is unique to your device) Now navigate Backup or Restore (or something similar) with the volume key (the touch screen does not work) If you have a backup, you must navigate to it and select it, then the device will be the restore state that was when the backup was created. References (1) Know your cell: How can I reset HTC Evo 4G? Virtua Tennis 4 Crack. The author Shawn McClain spent over 15 years as a journalist I have read this before when I sought information about unlocking Android devices when the user forgot the email password because many people on Link2SD have asked about it. How to unlock a htc phone forgot passwordUser Rating Time: -15 minutes Method 9: An External Factory Setting We reset to factory defaults, but what if I told you that it was possible to reset your phone without touching it. HTC4gunlock Google Password I Forgot It Unlock Phone Password. And I Want To Unlock It, Read More: The Samsung GT-e1200t Phone Lock Code? - I forgot to unlock my password.and I want to unlock my phone when I forgot my email address and password, or I do not have an email address, it hard to open it. The problem is that your instructions are directed directly to the command prompt. Keygen Autocad 2014 on this page. The operating system should switch the directories to the root of C: (CD ) and then change the directories of android-sdk platform tools (from root to C: ), User Rating Time: minutes Method 7: Lock screen switching applications This next method requires money and will not work on Android devices over version 4.1. Question New Question Abderrahmane Rhazal, Assistant Store Manager Answer 3w If you forget your PIN, you must reset the factory. Factory settings: Turn off the device. Will An Unlocked Iphone Work On Tmobile on this page.