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Unlock This Phone For Free more. Unlock phones comTo remove this internal restriction, enter the Defreeze code associated with our premium service and enter the unlock code to unlock the phone. The SIM chips on GSM compatible US iPhones can be removed in order to use a prepaid chip abroad, but still the phone needs to unlock. It has always been my understanding that each phone has a unique unlock code (and it contains special characters), which comes from your IMEI number, I have never heard from anyone who just puts it out as many ask for it. The G5 is also packed with features like a wide-angle camera, always on display that lets you see important alerts without waking your phone. Unlock Disabled Iphone Without Computer. Fi DAC audio, just to name a few. As with 4G compatibility, make sure that the handset you purchased has radios that can adjust the frequencies that Sprint uses to provide LTE.